Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions



Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

Are you in doubt about what you want to experience on the islands? Why not take in a bit little of everything.

Faroe Islands is a place where few people have been. The far-flung rocky archipelago is the most stunning piece of nature there is, far away from well-traveled spots. Therefore the unfathomable beauty of the Faroe Islands is still a well-kept secret. However we have created some tour packages for you to experience as much as possible

Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

Summer season is from June to August
Winter season is from September to May
Some of the tours we offer...

Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

  • Kalsoy Island Classic | Special Tour – 5 Islands In One Day

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  • Vestmannabjergene
    Bird cliffs - Faroe Islands

    Vestmanna | Sea cliffs with birds | Original

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  • Lake Above The Ocean + Vágar Island Highlights


    The breathtaking ride

    Guided tour all around the Island of Vágar in a comfortable coach.

    You will be picked up right at your hotel or other designated area in Tórshavn. From there you can sit down and relax while the local tour guide happily shares knowledge about the beautiful sights you see along the journey.

    On the tour we will stop to see sights such as Leitisvatn, Nykurin statue, Bøur, Tindhólmur, Drangarnir and the most popular waterfall of them all, Múlafossur.

    The tour starts with a 45 minute drive to Sørvágur where we will enjoy a short coffee break.

    From there we will drive to the village Bøur, often reffered to as the village in the Faroes with the best view. We will take a stroll through the picturesque village and hear some history. From Bøur you will see the free-standing rocks named “Dranganir” and the amazing islet of Tindhólmur.

    After Bøur we will drive through the only tunnel on the island to the distant and previously very isolated village of Gásadalur. Here we will enjoy a spot of lunch and take a walk to the most photographed waterfall in the Faroes, Múlafossur.

    From Gásadalur we will drive past Leitisvatn, the largest fresh-water lake on the islands. Here we will drop off those who have opted for the optional extra hike to the “Lake above the Ocean”.

    From here we will drive to Sandavágur village where we will have the chance to see the Trøllkonufingur (Witch’s Finger) free standing cliff and visit the local Church. Here you will hear about religion and old customs on the islands.

    From Sandavágur we will drive back to the Leitisvatn lake and say Hello to the Nykur statue and hear the legend of this Fairy Tale creature.

    Then we will visit the War Museum where objects and other historical memorabilia from the Second World War and the British occupation of the Faroes is explained.

    From here we will pick up the hikers and return to Tórshavn.

    This tour includes: Lunch, beverages, entrance fees to Sandavágur Church and the War Museum.

    OPTIONAL EXTRA:  The Trælanípan or the “Lake above the ocean” hike is available as an optional extra. NOTE that if you choose this option, you will not see the Witch’s Finger, the Church in Sandavágur or the War Museum. Difficulty is easy to medium/hard.

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  • Mykines | The Puffin Paradise – With A Local Guide | Self-Drive


    The paradise island of sea parrots and photographers

    Mykines | The Puffin Paradise – With A Local Guide ( Self-Drive )

    Experience a whole day out on the tranquil bird island Mykines. Mykines is a protected Ramsar site because of its rich bird-life and outstanding natural beauty. Walk among the birds in one of the biggest puffin colonies in the world, on your way to the famous white lighthouse at the westernmost point of the Faroe Islands. We will take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy every minute of Mykines and all the puffins. We will supply you with our organic packed lunch of home-made sandwiches with local toppings such as salmon and beverages for the hike.

    One of our staff will greet you at the Sørvágur ferry port. From there we will take the boat to Mykines. The sailing time is around 45 minutes along with stunning scenery and cliffs.

    When we arrive in Mykines the group will take a stroll in the only village on the island. There we will get ready to experience Mykines, the islet Mykineshólmur, and all the puffins. Puffins nest all along the hiking path. The hike is approx. 4 hours out to the Lighthouse and back. The hike is rated as medium to high.

    When back in the village Mykines, we will get a chance to warm up with a meal, and warm beverages before going down to the ferry heading back to Sørvágur.

    Included in this tour are Ferry Tickets, Hiking Fee, Guide, Packed Lunch, Beverages, and Coffee.

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Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

get lost in the breathtaking wilderness, but with a guide.

But watch out for the sheep

Want something special, then this is definitely something for you

The land of maybe

The islands are best known for their magnificent scenery and unspoilt and dramatic scenery.

Who we are

Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

Tora Tourist is the oldest and most experienced tour operator in the Faroe Islands. Driven by passion and with more than 35 years of experience in the travel industry.

We can guarantee you an experiences which you can not get, without traveling with an experienced local guide. Tora offers excursions every day during the summer season which lasts from June to August. During the excursion you will be acompanied by professional faroese guide, telling local stories, fantastic viewpoints and historic buildings. We have put together tours that show you the fantastic landscape, the harsh nature and the faroese culture.

Tora Tourist

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Hello friend and welcome to our website! We look forward to meeting you.

– Regin Bláhamer, owner of Tora

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