Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions



Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

Are you in doubt about what you want to experience on the islands? Why not take in a bit little of everything.

Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

Summer season is from June to August
Winter season is from September to May
Some of the tours we offer...

Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

  • 6 Days Summer Package | Faroe Islands Full Experience


    Tuesday: 09.00 – Golden Circle
    Wednesday: 09.00 – Mykines, puffin paradise
    Thursday: 08.30 – Suðuroy, the untouched pearl
    Friday: 08.30 –  Kalsoy Island classic
    Saturday: 09.00 – Vestmanna Bird Cliffs
    Sunday: 08.30 – Sandoy, the saga island

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  • Sandoy | The Saga Island ( Winter )

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  • Kalsoy Island Classic | Private Tour

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  • Sandoy | The Saga Island | Private Tour


    Unspoiled, traditional, and full of good history with a private driver/guide

    Enjoy the beautiful nature, rich birdlife, and history on this whole day guided tour to Sandoy and Kirkjubøur. Visit all the old sites that date back to the viking era and even some sea-mines from second world war.

    The drive from the capital to the ferry is approx. 20 minutes long and the ferry sail time is approx. 30 minutes.

    On Sandoy we will visit the villages of Skopun, Sandur, Skálavík, Húsavík, Dalur and Skarvanes.

    Sandur is the main village on the island and is the only place in the Faroes where you can see real sand dunes. The Church in Sandur is worth a visit and here you will be told the history of religion in the Faroes.

    Skálavík is also an old village and is home to one variant of the Seal Woman legend. Here there is the quaint old-style café Á Mølini.

    Húsavík is one of the original farming villages on the island and was home to the infamous “Húsfrúgvin í Húsavík”, without doubt the richest woman in all Faroese history. Here there are the ruins of her old farm, some old storage houses, and a few drift mines from the Second World War.

    The village of Dalur spots some amazing scenery and a quaint little pebble beach.

    Skarvanes was a deserted village up until a decade ago and sports a great view of Skúvoy, Stóra Dímun, and Suðuroy.

    When returning from Sandoy we will visit the most history-rich village in the Faroe Islands, Kirkjubøur.

    Here the 17’th generation of the family Patursson lives in the oldest wodden house in the Country (And maybe Europe!), a house which dates back to the viking era. The old Skt. Ólav Church is the oldest church on the islands that is still in use and its newer cousin, the Skt. Magnus Cathedral ruins, stand oppulently close by. Here there are local stories of Kings, Bishops, Priests, Farmers, Civil War and Rescues to be heard.

    From here we will return you to Tórshavn and your hotel.

    This tour includes Ferry Tickets, Entrance Fees, Lunch, and Beverages.

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Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

get lost in the breathtaking wilderness, but with a guide.

But watch out for the sheep

Want something special, then this is definitely something for you

The land of maybe

The islands are best known for their magnificent scenery and unspoilt and dramatic scenery.

Who we are

Tora Tourist - Faroe islands experiences and excursions

Tora Tourist is the oldest and most experienced tour operator in the Faroe Islands. Driven by passion and with more than 35 years of experience in the travel industry.

We can guarantee you an experiences which you can not get, without traveling with an experienced local guide. Tora offers excursions every day during the summer season which lasts from June to August. During the excursion you will be acompanied by professional faroese guide, telling local stories, fantastic viewpoints and historic buildings. We have put together tours that show you the fantastic landscape, the harsh nature and the faroese culture.

Tora Tourist

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– Regin Bláhamer, owner of Tora

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