The land of maybe

The islands are best known for their magnificent scenery and unspoilt and dramatic scenery.

Are you in doubt about what you want to experience on the islands? Why not take in a little bit of everything.

Summer season is from June to August
Winter season is from September to May
About us
Tora Tourist is the oldest and most experienced tour operator in the Faroe Islands. Driven by passion since 1984, we have carefully curated and developed our tours with you in mind.

Tora offers excursions every day during the summer season which lasts from June to August. During the excursion you will be accompanied by a local Faroese guide providing insides to local stories, fantastical viewpoints and historical buildings. We have put together tours that show you the fantastic landscape, the harsh nature and the faroese culture.

“Hey vinurin! Ver vælkomin á okkara heimasíðu. Vit gleða okkum at møta tær.”

Hello friend and welcome to our website! We look forward to meeting you.

– Regin Bláhamer, owner of Tora

"Vit síggjast"

“See you”


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