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Are you in doubt about what you want to experience on the islands? Why not take a little of everything.

The Faroe Islands is a place where few people have been. The far-flung rocky archipelago is the most stunning piece of nature that you will ever see far away from well-travelled spots. The unfathomable beauty of the Faroe Islands is still a well kept secret. With this in mind, we have created some tour packages for you to experiance as much as possible.

Summer season is from June to August

Winter season is from September to May

Some of the tours we offer...

  • Silver Circle Classic ( Winter )

    1.995,00 DKK

    Fantastically beautiful settlements in unreal surroundings!

    Enjoy the heart of the Faroe Islands in a comfortable coach while a local guide tells you the stories about the surroundings.

    See places like Saksun, Tjørnuvík, Gjógv, Risin & Kellingin and Fossá in one day. This is a day you will never forget.

    After driving over the old Mountain Road out of Tórshavn and a stop for coffee, we will come to the unique settlement of Saksun. This village is situated at the base of a tiny inlet and is flanked by the lush green mountains of Koppenni and Melin. You will see the seawater lagoon, the beautiful old church and visit the 16th century farm Dúvugarðar with its stone walls and turf roofs. Here you will be told of the evolution of the islands and the life here over the centuries.

    Next we will head to Tjørnuvík. The route will take us through the valley from Saksun with ever-changing scenery along the Dalsá river with many small waterfalls. Before we reach Tjørnuvík we will stop by Fossá Waterfall. This is the tallest waterfall in the Faroe Islands.

    Tjørnuvík is the northernmost settlement on Streymoy island. The village is situated in an isolated inlet with towering mountains and a beautiful black sand beach. From the beach there is a fantastic view of the sea stacks Risin & Kellingin (The Giant and his Hag).

    When we get to Eysturoy island we will experience the view from the road beneath Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroe islands. From there you will see the zigzagging road we will be driving down to Funningur. Our last village visit will be the peaceful and picturesque Gjógv on the northernmost tip of Eysturoy island. The village is named after its amazing 200-metre gorge that runs out from the village.

    This tour includes: Entrance fees, lunch, beverages and coffee.

    OPTIONAL EXTRA: You can add a hike to Slættaratindur to this day tour. If you do so you will not experience Gjógv and the village of Funningur but instead reach the highest summit in the Faroe Islands. Hiking difficulty Hard.

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  • Waterfall - Gásadalur - Vagar
    Bøur - Vagar

    Vagar Island Highlights ( Winter )


    The breathtaking ride

    Guided tour all around the Island of Vágar in a comfortable coach.

    You will be picked up right at your hotel or other designated area in Tórshavn. From there you can sit down and relax while the local tour guide happily shares knowledge about the beautiful sights you see along the journey.

    On the tour we will stop to see sights such as Leitisvatn, Nykurin statue, Bøur, Tindhólmur, Drangarnir and the most popular waterfall of them all, Múlafossur.

    The tour starts with a 45 minute drive to Sørvágur where we will enjoy a short coffee break.

    From there we will drive to the village Bøur, often reffered to as the village in the Faroes with the best view. We will take a stroll through the picturesque village and hear some history. From Bøur you will see the free-standing rocks named “Dranganir” and the amazing islet of Tindhólmur.

    After Bøur we will drive through the only tunnel on the island to the distant and previously very isolated village of Gásadalur. Here we will enjoy a spot of lunch and take a walk to the most photographed waterfall in the Faroes, Múlafossur.

    From Gásadalur we will drive past Leitisvatn, the largest fresh-water lake on the islands. Here we will drop off those who have opted for the optional extra hike to the “Lake above the Ocean”.

    From here we will drive to Sandavágur village where we will have the chance to see the Trøllkonufingur (Witch’s Finger) free standing cliff and visit the local Church. Here you will hear about religion and old customs on the islands.

    From Sandavágur we will drive back to the Leitisvatn lake and say Hello to the Nykur statue and hear the legend of this Fairy Tale creature.

    Then we will visit the War Museum where objects and other historical memorabilia from the Second World War and the British occupation of the Faroes is explained.

    From here we will pick up the hikers and return to Tórshavn.

    This tour includes: Lunch, beverages, entrance fees to Sandavágur Church and the War Museum.

    OPTIONAL EXTRA:  The Trælanípan or the “Lake above the ocean” hike is available as an optional extra. NOTE that if you choose this option, you will not see the Witch’s Finger, the Church in Sandavágur or the War Museum. Difficulty is easy to medium/hard.

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  • Sandoy | The Saga Island ( Winter ) | Private Tour

    2.990,00 DKK

    Unspoiled, traditional and full of good history

    Enjoy the beautiful nature, rich birdlife and history on this whole day guided tour to Sandoy and Kirkjubøur. Visit all the old sites that date back to the viking era and even some sea-mines from second world war.

    The drive from the capital to the ferry is approx. 20 minutes long and the ferry sailtime is approx. 30 minutes.

    On Sandoy we will visit the villages of Skopun, Sandur, Skálavík, Húsavík, Dalur and Skarvanes.

    Sandur is the main village on the island and is the only place in the Faroes where you can see real sand dunes. The Church in Sandur is worth a visit and here you will be told the history of religion in the Faroes.

    Skálavík is also an old village and is home to one variant of the Seal Woman legend. Here there is the quaint old-style café Á Mølini.

    Húsavík is one of the original farming villages on the island and was home to the infamous “Húsfrúgvin í Húsavík”, without doubt the richest woman in all Faroese history. Here there are the ruins of her old farm, some old storage houses and a few driftmines from the second World War.

    The village of Dalur spots some amazing scenery and a quaint little pebble beach.

    Skarvanes was a deserted village up until a decade ago and sports a great view of Skúvoy, Stóra Dímun and Suðuroy.

    When returning from Sandoy we will visit the most history-rich village in the Faroe Islands, Kirkjubøur.

    Here the 17’th generation of the family Patursson lives in the oldest wodden house in the Country (And maybe Europe!), a house which dates back to the viking era. The old Skt. Ólav Church is the oldest church on the islands that is still in use and its newer cousin, the Skt. Magnus Cathedral ruins, stand oppulently close by. Here there are local stories of Kings, Bishops, Priests, Farmers, Civil War and Rescues to be heard.

    From here we will return you to Tórshavn and your hotel.

    This tour includes: Ferry Tickets, Entrance Fees, Lunch and Beverages.

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  • Mykines | The Puffin Paradise | Private Tour

    2.995,00 DKK

    The paradise island of sea parrots and photographers with a private driver/guide

    Mykines | The Puffin Paradise | Private Tour

    The best way to experience Mykines for a day. We will take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy every minute of Mykines and all the puffins. We will supply you with lunch and beverages for the hike.

    After you have been picked up in Tórshavn you can enjoy the 45 minutes drive to Sørvágur ferry port. From there we will take the boat to Mykines. The sailing time is around 45 minutes along with stunning scenery and cliffs.

    When we arrive in Mykines the group will take a stroll in the only village on the island. There we will get ready to experience Mykines, the islet Mykineshólmur, and all the puffins. Puffins nest all along the hiking path. The hike is approx. 4 hours out to the Lighthouse and back. The hike is rated as medium to high.

    When back in the village Mykines, we will get a chance to warm up with a meal, drinks, and coffee. Back in the village Sørvágur, you will be taken by bus back to the capital, Tórshavn, and your hotel.

    Included in this tour are Ferry Tickets, Hiking Fee, Guide, Packed Lunch, Beverages, and Coffee.

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get lost in the breathtaking wilderness, but with a guide.

But watch out for the sheep

Want something special, then this is definitely something for you

The land of maybe

The Faroe Islands are best known for their magnificent scenery and unspoilt and dramatic scenery.

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Tora Tourist is the oldest and most experienced tour operator in the Faroe Islands. Driven by passion and with more than 35 years of experience in the travel industry.

We can guarantee you experiences that you can not get without being an experienced local guide. We offer excursions every day during the summer season which lasts from June to August. On the excursion there is a professional Faroese guide, local stories, fantastic viewpoints and historic buildings. We have put together tours that show you the fantastic landscape, the harsh nature and the Faroese culture.

Tora Tourist

“Hey vinurin! Ver vælkomin á okkara heimasíðu. Vit gleða okkum at møta tær.”

Hello friend and welcome to our website! We look forward to meeting you.

– Regin Bláhamer, owner of Tora

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