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    495,00 DKK

    Thor's city and its stories

    We drive by bus to VANTAGE POINTS of the city, experience the architecture of NORDEN's HOUSE, visit the PLANTATION, where the MEMORIAL of dead sailors is, experience and get the history of the origins of the building FINSEN, the stadium area of TÓRSVØLLUR, and the fortress of SKANSIN, which in Decades protected us from pirates.
    In addition, we greet Torshavn's only waterfall SVARTAFOSS (the Black waterfall).

    Includes: Guide / Bus

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  • Klaksvík


    1.095,00 DKK

    The fishing village of Klaksvik and scenic Kunoy – 4 islands in one day

    We drive along the main road through Streymoy and Eysturoy to Leirvík, where we make stops to see the viking settlements. Then, the tour goes to Klaksvík via submarine tunnel, which the artist Tróndur Patursson has light-decorated. The first we meet in Klaksvík is the sculpture húkurin/fishing hook, which testis to the city's main industry.
    The city centre is experienced on its own after we have taken together lunch. It is possible to visit Christianskirkjan, Føroya Bjór brewery, Leikalund

    Includes: Bus/Guide/Lunch

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  • Waterfall-Gásadalur-Quar

    VÁGAR: the Faroe Islands ' Must see '

    695,00 DKK

    Vágar – The breathtaking tour

    On the tour is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, LEITISVATN/SØRVÁGSVATN, also known as "The Lake above The Ocean". In addition, we visit the unique church in Sandavág and the village of Vatnsoyrar, which is the only village that is not in front of the sea. The tour continues to the settlements of Sørvág, Bø and Gásadal. In Bø, we visit the church listed in 1865 and enjoy the magnificent
    Views of TINDHÓLM and "DRANGARNAR" with the island of MYKINES in the background. In Gásadal you can explore the famous waterfalls of MÚLAFOSSUR on your own, hike along the rocks and perhaps see
    puffin (lundi in Faroese).

    Includes: Guide – Bus

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  • Puffin-Mykines
    Faroe Islands


    1.895,00 DKK

    Paradise Island of the sea Parroans and photographers

    Full-day tour to the westernmost island of Mykines, also called bird paradise, as the island has a rich bird life. We drive by bus to the village of Sørvágur, where the ferry to Mykines sails from. On the island of Mykines awaits a local guide who takes us up the steep path and to the small settlement as the only one on the island. From here, the walk starts onto the island, where you will, among other things, be able to take a look at the island. comes close to the sea parrot colony – the settlement of the small charming bird with the colorful beak.

    Includes: Guide – Bus – Ferry crossing – lunch

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  • The Vestmanna Mountains
    Bird Cliffs-Faroe Islands


    895,00 DKK

    High impressive cliffs, rich birdlife and singing caves

    We drive along the old Mountain road from Torshavn to the College fjord and experience the magnificent view, and on to the first stop on the tour, which is LEYNAR, where we inspect the hand-built SALMON STAIRS, as well as visiting the Faroe Islands perhaps the only real BATHING BEACH. Next, the tour goes a few kilometers to KVÍVÍK, where we look at Viking settlements. Then directly on to the port of VESTMANNA, which sails to the famous BIRD MOUNTAINS and CAVES on the north side of Streymoy. If the weather allows, narrow, healthy, deep caves, shaped by the burning of millions of years, sail through the depths.

    Thousands of sea birds are found on the more than 600 meters tall cliff wall. The sailing trip takes 2 hours.

    Includes: Guide – Bus – Boat ride

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  • Gjogv

    Eysturoy and Streymoy North: the Faroe Islands pearls

    995,00 DKK

    Amazingly beautiful settlements in unreal surroundings!

    On the tour you'll experience Saksun – one of the Faroe Islands ' most beautiful gems. We walk around the old village, which with its silence and unreal landscape, can be said to be taken out of an adventure. The tour continues to the village of Funning, where we look at ancient Viking settlements. The story says that the Viking Grímur Kamban settled in Funning in the year 825. We go to the scenic village of Gjógv, which must be experienced. On the home road we drive via the village of Eiði, along the foothills of the Faroe Islands tallest mountain Slættaratindur and the well-known stone formations of Risin and Kellingin.

    Includes: Guide – Bus – Lunch

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    1.195,00 DKK

    Uncrowded, traditional and filled with good history

    Full-day tour to the fabled and unspoiled island of SANDOY, with stops in KIRKJUBØ on the way there. Kirkjubø was the spiritual and cultural centre of the Faroe Islands in the Middle Ages, and was a BISHOP's SEAT from the year 1111. Discover the CHURCH of the OLAV, the MAGNUS CATHEDRAL, which is colloquially known as the MÚRURIN/wall and KIRKJUBØGARÐUR/Kongsgården, which houses the Patursson í 17 family. Generation and is part museum.

    Includes: Guide – Bus – Ferry crossing – lunch

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