Self-Drive | Kallur Lighthouse With A Local Guide


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The Scenic Island of Kalsoy – Kallur Lighthouse – With a Local Guide

The day begins in the town of Klaksvík, which is the second biggest town in the Faroe Islands. In Klaksvík, you will take the ferry Sam to the island of Kalsoy. Arriving in the village Syđradalur on Kalsoy, you can take the public bus or drive yourself to the northernmost village, Trøllanes. Arriving at Trøllanes, the local guide greets you, and the approx 1,5-hour hike to the lighthouse begins. Being a local, the guide knows many stories about the surroundings, and he is happy to share his knowledge with you, while he safely guides you to the lighthouse. Arriving at the lighthouse, you have some time to walk around by yourself, take pictures, and enjoy all the nature and wildlife that surrounds you. When ready, you head back to the village, and the tour guide and you say goodbye to each other. Depending on how fast you walk, usually, there is time to visit the village Mikladalur, which is right next to Trøllanes, and see the spectacular statue “seal woman” before the ferry leaves back to Klaksvík.

Includes Local Tour Guide & Hiking/Entrance Fee.


  • Camera
  • Warm clothes + raincoat
  • Binoculars
  • Seasickness pills if needed
  • Good mood


If you want to join our normal tour rather than do a self-drive, just press here – Kallur lighthouse special


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