495,00 DKK

    Discover our small and cosy capital!

    Tórshavn is one of the world's smallest capitals, beautifully situated at the foot of the surrounding mountains and with a panoramic view of the island of Nólsoy.

    Includes: Bus/Guide

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  • Klaksvík

    Northern Islands

    995,00 DKK

    An opportunity to experience life on the Northern islands! 

    Full day tour to the northern islands, where we drive across the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy to the village of Leirvík where we visit the Viking settlements and from there to the town of Klaksvík – the country's Fiskeriby. In Klaksvík we visit the unique church of Christianskirkjan. On the trip there is a wonderful view of the northern islands of Borðoy, Kalsoy and Kunoy.

    Includes: Bus/Guide/Lunch

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  • Waterfall-Gásadalur-Quar


    595,00 DKK

    Spectacular and unique scenery! 

    Come with us to the beautiful island of Vágar! We drive along the old Fjeldvej to Norðadalsskarð, where the view of the island of Koltur is indescribable beautiful – photos are made on the road. The tour continues towards the villages of Bøur and Gásadalur, where there is a magnificent view of Holmen Tindhólmur with the island of Mykines in the background.

    Includes: Guide / Bus

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  • Puffin-Mykines
    Faroe Islands


    1.495,00 DKK

    Get close to nature and wildlife!

    Full day trip to the westernmost island of Mykines, also called the Bird Paradise, as the island has a rich birdlife. Follow the hike with our local guide, where you will be close to Søpapagøjerne – the little charming bird with the colourful beak.

    Includes: Bus/Ferry/Guide/Lunch

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  • The Vestmanna Mountains
    Bird Cliffs-Faroe Islands


    795,00 DKK

    High impressive rocks and rich birdlife!

    The village of Vestmanna is sailed out to the famous Bird mountains and caves. Weather permitting, sail through narrow straits into deep caves, shaped by the surf for millions of years, and close to the over 600 metre-high vertical cliffs where thousands of seabirds breed.

    Includes: Guide / Bus / Boat

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  • Gjogv


    895,00 DKK

    Amazingly beautiful settlements in unreal surroundings!

    Day trip by bus and guide past the old Whaling station við Áir to the beautiful village of Saksun. The tour continues towards the village of Funningur with old Viking settlements, the scenic village of Gjógv and towards the village of Eiði, where, among other things. See the well-known stone formations "Risin and Kellingin".

    Includes: Bus/Guide/Lunch

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    995,00 DKK

    Unspoilt, traditional and full of good history

    Join a full-day tour of the fabled island of Sandoy, one of the most unspoiled islands. With its 112, 2km2, Sandoy is the fifth largest island in the Faroe Islands, and here you will experience the traditional Faroese lifestyle. We visit the church in one of the settlements, fantastic views around the island, small idyllic settlements, historic sites and settlements, and the world's largest mailbox. The island is called Sandoy because of its many clean sandy beaches, which we will also see.

    We also see the cultural centre, the village of Kirkjubøur, which became a bishop in 1111; And the Ólavskirken from 1200.

    Includes: Guide / Bus / ferry / Lunch

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